Annual Continuous Improvement Forum

The CTPM Forum is an annual networking event held since 1998, which includes presentations by keynote speakers, leading practitioners, and improvement teams from companies progressing the Continuous Improvement journey. Each year we select a different theme to base the conference around with the aim to reflect on what is happening in the current economic climate, making it relevant and worthwhile for all our attendees.

The team presentations have been part of the Forums since the beginning. Known as the Aussie Cup Team Competition, some 62 teams to date have presented at our Forums, with all involved recognised for their achievements returning to their workplaces inspired and motivated to further progress their Continuous Improvement Journeys. The competition provides an ideal opportunity for sites or departments to showcase their improvement activity through the achievements of their teams.

Celebrating our 20th year since establishment, this year's Continuous Improvement Forum 2016 held in partnership with apicsAU on the 17-18 August at Bankstown Sports Club Conference Centre was our best one yet. Known as Sydney’s premier Continuous Improvement (CI) event in 2016, we teamed up with other leading organisations and opened the Forum to a wide range of manufacturing and supply chain companies.

The theme engaging all your people to ensure sustainable results, came about from extensive research into the major challenges facing organisations as they progress their Continuous Improvement activities. It appears we all understand most of the CI tools, however it is the buy-in or lack of buy-in especially from our experienced workforce that can impact the most on the sustainability and ultimately pay-back.

The Forum Technical Committee of 12 experienced CI practitioners brought together an impressive list of 25 presenters with various levels of CI implementation experience from very experienced to new young blood with new ideas. Companies represented at the CI Forum 2016 included: AlscoAristocratAstraZenecaBRADYCasella WinesCoopers BreweryOperations Feedback System (OFS)PSG Ebsray, Scott Automation & Robotics, Scott SafetySelleysSimplot Australia, and Thales.

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