Reactive Improvement

through Effective Daily Management


Reactive Improvement through Effective Daily Management is a critical part of your sites Continuous Improvement Strategy to achieve TPM & Operational Excellence. It is the ability for your site to rapidly recover from an event or incident that stops you from achieving your budgeted or expected performance for the hour, shift, or day and most importantly initiate corrective actions so that the event or incident will not re-occur again across the organisation.

The key to Reactive Improvement is discipline through a very effective Daily Review Process supported by a standardised and robust Frontline Problem Solving Root Cause Analysis process that is suitable for all people across the organisation. 

There are 7 Key Elements to Reactive Improvement that need to work in concert for effective Daily Management.

Element 1: Supportive Organisation Structure

Element 2: Effective Frontline Leaders

Element 3: Appropriate Measures with Expected Targets

Element 4: Structured Daily Review Meetings

Element 5: Visual Information Centres

Element 6: Frontline Problem Solving Root Cause Analysis Capability

Element 7: Rapid Sharing of Learning Capability

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These 7 Key Elements are outlined in detail throughout the internationally acclaimed book, "Understanding, Measuring and Improving Daily Management: How to use effective Daily Management to drive significant Process Improvement" by CTPM's Founder & President, Ross Kennedy. You can purchase his book through the renowned publisher, Productivity Press by following this link.



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As a CTPM Subscriber you can access and download support material about each of the 7 elements of Reactive Improvement by accessing the relevant element pages from the content list below.

Each element page will provide you with an array of Webinars, How-To Booklets, technical articles (E-Tech), client case studies (E-News), as well as a list of available Training Manuals & Workbooks, Improvement Team Manuals & Workbooks, and Tools relating to that element(s). The support material available will provide you with an understanding of the element and guide you to implement the element learnings at your site.

To access the available support material simply click on the relevant element page below.

Element 1 & 2

Supportive Organisation Structure to support development of your frontline people so they have ownership and accountability for the performance of their area of responsibility; and
Effective Frontline Leaders to ensure leaders are not working down a level.

Element 3, 4 & 5

Appropriate Measures with Expected Targets that are linked to the site's Key Success Factors;
Structured Daily Review Meetings to identify problems / incidents and monitor them; and
Visual Information Centres that visually display daily performance and monitor actions.

Element 6

Frontline Problem Solving Root Cause Analysis Capability across the site.

Element 7

Rapid Sharing of Learning Capability across shifts, departments and the organisation.