Pro-active Improvement

through Automation & Digitalisation, Projects & Events, and On-going Improvement Activities


Pro-active Improvement through Automation & Digitalisation, Projects & Events, and On-going Improvement Activities involving Cross-functional and Area Based Teams, is focused on improving the business as you strive for your Improvement Vision (what you want to achieve and by when). It is critical to establish an Improvement Vision with world class targets typically over a 3-5 year timeframe along with an Action Plan aimed at reducing or eliminating all losses and wastes while developing all your people, that is formally reviewed and updated at least 3 times a year.

Most organisations focus on bringing in Technology & Automation or undertaking ad hoc Projects & Events however this will typically only achieve about 50% of the gap to world class performance. It is the sites that also focus on On-going Improvement Activities that involve and engage their entire workforce that perform the best. This People Development approach is what CTPM's Australasian TPM & Lean methodology is focused on.

It supports sites undertaking their TPM & Operational Excellence improvement journey or transformation by providing a structured yet flexible framework that they can call upon when tackling various issues as well as exploring opportunities. The CTPM Activities & Focus Framework for Australasian TPM & Lean incorporates 10 Improvement Activities that support a site as they progress their Pro-active Improvement journey.

CTPM Activities Focus Framework for Australasian TPM Lean

To provide an outline of what each of the 10 Improvement Activities is all about and more importantly their objectives, you can download and read the booklet "The Objectives of CTPM's Australasian TPM & Lean 10 Improvement Activities" by clicking here.


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Each Improvement Activity page will provide you with an array of Webinars, How-To Booklets, technical articles (E-Techs), client case studies (E-News), as well as a list of available Training Manuals & Workbooks, Improvement Team Manuals & Workbooks, and Tools relating to that Improvement Activity. The support material available will provide you with an understanding of the Improvement Activity and guide you to undertake the Improvement Activity at your site.

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Improvement Activity 1

Safety & Environment Management is always the first thing to consider when doing any improvement activity however to achieve the goal of zero safety and environmental accidents or incidents, all the other 9 Improvement Activities have to be successfully implemented.

Improvement Activity 2

Focused Equipment & Process Improvement is a cross-functional improvement team Production Activity that is typically the starting point for most sites as they introduce Australasian TPM & Lean.

Improvement Activity 3

Work Area Management (enhanced 5S) is, apart from being applied throughout all areas of the site, the first Production Area Based Team improvement activity to establish the discipline required to support Improvement Activity #4 Operator Equipment Management (enhanced Autonomous Maintenance).

Improvement Activity 4

Operator Equipment Management (enhanced Autonomous Maintenance) is the core TPM Production Area Based Team improvement activity which should not be started until all Production Area Based Teams across all shifts in the target area have achieved an 80% score on their WAM Assessments.

Improvement Activity 5

Maintenance Excellence Management is a key Production Support improvement activity which should commence, at the latest, when Production Work Area Management is introduced so that Maintenance time can be freed up before commencing Operator Equipment Management.

Improvement Activity 6

New Equipment / Area / Process Management is a Production Support improvement activity that should be introduced at the Concept or Design (Specification & Performance) stage of new equipment, area, or process however it can still be of benefit if introduced at the Installation stage.

Improvement Activity 7

Support Department Excellence Management is a Production Support improvement activity that is typically applied to Quality Departments including Laboratories, IT Departments supporting Production, Admin Department including HR, Production Planning, or Effluent / Water Treatment plants.

Improvement Activity 8

Value Stream Management is the Value Stream improvement activity that starts and finishes with the customer, with the focus on identifying the specific Value Streams within the business and then starting with the dominant stream(s) to minimise Lead Time so as to reduce or eliminate all waste.

Improvement Activity 9

People & Leadership Development is the foundation of the On-going Improvement Journey. It is about Human Capital Development which is a core objective of the Toyota Production System. This improvement activity includes Education & Training, Talent Development, and People Support Systems.

Improvement Activity 10

Process Quality Management is an umbrella improvement activity that is the final piece in the quality puzzle to achieving perfect quality or Zero Quality Problems. Typically, it is applied after the successful application of the Production, Production Support, Value Stream and Foundation activities.