through Visions, Philosophy, & Goal Alignment


Leadership is critical in supporting your sites Continuous Improvement Journey to achieve TPM & Operational Excellence. If we cannot convince the Management Team / Site Leadership Team that progressing TPM & Operational Excellence will significantly help in achieving their short term and long term Goals, there is no point starting.

Our learning has been that Australasian TPM & Lean needs to include a strong bottom-up focus, however for it to sustain, it must be led by Senior Management. For this reason there is a need to:

  • Create a critical mass of decision makers and key personnel with a common understanding of Australasian TPM & Lean so they share a vision and pathway of the way forward;
  • Establish a Site Leadership Team responsible for all improvement activities; and
  • Develop a Continuous Improvement Introduction Strategy (including confirming the Goal Aligned Performance Measures, establishing an Improvement Vision, and agreeing on an Improvement Philosophy) supported by a Pre-cycle Strategy Planning Meeting to provide a clear pathway and a progress reflection process.

As with any initiative, Senior Management / Site Leadership Team must 'walk the talk' and lead by example.


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