RTO Accreditation

CTPM Australasia Pty Ltd (National RTO Code: 91301) delivers training and assessment services in full compliance with the National Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 as assessed by our registering body Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).


2017 Renewal - Registration Application Granted

In June 2017, CTPM Australasia applied to renew our registration as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to ASQA. On the 21 June 2017 after an ASQA desk assessment was conducted, we received a letter confirming that our organisation had been granted registration for a period of 7 years commencing on 13 September 2017 and due to expire on 12 September 2024.

02 RTO Certificate of Registration 2017 2024


2012 Renewal - ASQA VET Quality Framework Audit Report

On 28 & 29 June 2012, CTPM Australasia underwent a re-registration audit in order to continue operating as a Registered Training Organisation for the next 5 years. CTPM Australasia was successful in re-registering with ASQA, without any conditions placed on our Scope of Registration.

Qualification focused on during the audited was the MSA31108 Certificate III in Competitive Manufacturing. At the site audit, two minor non-compliances were found:

  • Not compliant against the Australian Quality Framework - CTPM’s website was using the NRT logo inappropriately as it was still present on the side bar of the website for pages relating to non-accredited workshops and public courses; and 
  • Not compliant against SNR 18.1 relating to governance arrangements of the RTO, were CTPM's RTO Specific Responsibility Statements for the CEO and Compliance Officer were out-dated.

Both above minor non-compliances were rectified immediately and after re-assessment on the 30 July 2012 of the additional evidence submitted, full compliance was achieved.

Audit Outcome
VET Quality Framework Component Status*
Financial Viability Risk Assessment Requirements NA
Fit and Proper Person Requirements NA
Data Provision Requirements C
Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Requirements - After Rectification C
Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations 2011 - Essential Standards for Continuing Registration  
The RTO provides quality training and assessment across all of its operations C
The RTO adheres to principles of access and equity and maximises outcomes for its clients C
Management systems are responsive to the needs of clients, staff and stakeholders, and the environment in which the RTO operates C
The RTO has governance arrangements in place - After Rectification C
Interactions with the National VET Regulator NA
Compliance with legislation C
Insurance NA
Financial management C
Certification, issuing and recognition of qualifications and statement of attainments NA
Accuracy and integrity of marketing NA
Transition to training packages / expiry of VET accredited courses NA
* Status of audit findings, C = Compliant, NC = Not Compliant, NA = Not Audited