NSW Summer Skills 2021


NSW Summer Skills

Are you looking to join the workforce in NSW or hoping to learn how workplaces apply the fundamentals of Competitive Systems and Practices... then this FREE summer skills short course is for you.


How Competitive Systems and Practices can give you the ‘edge’

All successful businesses endeavour to continuously increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance customer service, and many apply Competitive Systems and Practices to achieve this. 

What are Competitive Systems and Practices?

Competitive Systems and Practices are a way of thinking in the workplace that allows companies to be world class in providing the best products and services at the lowest cost, highest quality, and quickest delivery.

The thinking originated at the Toyota Motor Company in Japan in the 1970s as the Toyota Production System and resulted in Toyota transforming from being a small domestic car manufacturing to the world’s greatest car manufacturer.

Competitive Systems and Practices are now being successfully applied in all industries including manufacturing, mining, services, healthcare as in hospitals, financial as in banks, retail, and hospitality. For example, McDonalds has been successfully applying Competitive Systems and Practices for many years.


Statement of Attainment in Competitive Systems and Practices

There are many aspects to Competitive Systems and Practices, however a key fundamental is the ability to identify workplace waste such as wasting time to find things, and implement improvements to eliminate or minimise waste.

As such, this course will introduce you to the 8 wastes found in any workplace, teach you how to address the wastes to make the workplace more neat and orderly, and provide you the skills to set standards and conduct compliance audits against those standards.

8 Wastes of Lean

This short course is self-paced and delivered online through a number of short training videos supported by downloadable training material, short multiple-choice quizzes to reinforce the learning, and weekly Q&A webinars. Your final assignment will be a small, focused project in your current workplace e.g. at home in your garage, kitchen, or study etc. to verify your understanding.

Course Units:

MSS403001 Review competitive systems and practices

MSS403085 Ensure process improvements are sustained

Eligibility Criteria:

  • no longer at school;
  • aged between 16 and 24 (at the start of training);
  • living or working in NSW; and
  • Australian or New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or humanitarian visa holder.


Course Key Facts

Program: Summer Skills through NSW Smart and Skilled, a reform of the NSW Vocational Education and Training (VET) system, and the training is subsidised by the NSW Government.

Course Available: 8th November 2021

Mode of Delivery: Online (Self-paced) with file sharing through Dropbox.

Recommended Timing: It should take each student a minimum of 18 hours (the equivalent of 3 full days of training in a classroom), to completed the course.

Final Assessment Due: Able to submit any time up until 31st March 2022.


Enrolment Forms

If you meet the criteria above then book your spot and enrol yourself for this free short course today. Download the forms here:

  • Participant Enrolment Form - Summer Skills download here
    Please complete this form in full and provide at least one (1) form of identification
  • Personal Information Consent Form download here
    Please complete to provide consent for CTPM to provide your personal information to the NSW Government

Send all forms through to Nelson Rodrigues at nelson.rodrigues@ctpm.org.au, and any questions that you may have.