Our team offer an array of Continuous Improvement services that can support your company's journey to TPM & Operational Excellence


CTPM was established to assist your people to gain a greater understanding of what TPM & Operational Excellence is all about, what makes TPM & Operational Excellence happen, and how to embark on a successful improvement journey to TPM & Operational Excellence using our comprehensive range of online, public, and in-house courses / workshops and training material.

To complement this we have established a team of experienced Improvement Coaches with numerous years of hands-on industry experience. We refer to our team as Improvement Coaches as their role is not just to conduct training but more importantly transfer their experience and knowledge to your key people as they provide guidance on how best to achieve the maximum benefits from your very site-specific Improvement Journey.

TPM & Operational Excellence in Industry

CTPM’s TPM & Operational Excellence in Industry division assists and coaches companies to get the most from their people, equipment and processes through the implementation of Total Productive Mainten...

Business Improvement in Services

CTPM’s Business Improvement in Services division assists and coaches companies in Process Improvement through the implementation of Lean principles. Within the Service Industry a misconception still e...

Registered Training Organisation

Overview In order to further support our clients in their pursuit of TPM & Operational Excellence, CTPM has expanded its operations into becoming a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for Australia...