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CTPM White Papers

CTPM White Papers have been developed to specifically assist sites along their Improvement journey to Operational Excellence. Through our on-site experience at numerous companies over the years, our team of Business Improvement Coaches have obtained many valuable learning's that have brought about the development of these papers to share amongst the Operational Excellence Community of Australasia.

Understanding Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) by Ross Kennedy Getting TPM & Lean / CI to Sustain by Ross Kennedy                            
20160717 Understanding TPM 20150923 Getting TPM Lean CI to Sustain
Examining the Processes of RCM and TPM by Ross Kennedy - download here  
Examining the Processes of RCM and TPM  


External White Papers

These external White Papers have been sourced from relevant and trusted authors, and offer further knowledge that may assist sites along their Improvement journey to Operational Excellence.

Want to be like Toyota? Stop Making the "Reds" by Ian Glenday How Toyota created Stability by Ian Glenday
20160920 Article on Reds 20160411 Article on Toyota Stability
The Right People in the Right Place by Ian Glenday Forget Economies of Scale... It's all about Repetition by Ian Glenday
20170111 Article on Right People 20160511 Artilce on Economies of Scale
Levelled Production and Product Costing by Ian Glenday Why and How ERP creates instability by Ian Glenday
20170203 Article on Product Cost 20160301 Article on ERP
Setting and managing Buffer Tanks by Ian Glenday                                                                                                      Research Paper on the relationship between Lean and Six Sigma by the Centre for Lean Education & Research
20160817 Artilce on Understanding Buffer Limits 20120303 Lean Six Sigma Research Report