Innovation - making it happen

Introducing the Empowering Innovation Framework, developed to assist companies strategically guide and monitor their Innovation initiatives

Innovation - making it happen

by Ross Kennedy, 30 June 2017

Do you realise that most companies incorporate Innovation into their Values, and promote the need for Innovation in their businesses, however very few, if any, have a framework and structured process in place to guide and nurture new ideas into commercial realities.

Based on our extensive experience over the past 20 years of assisting over 150 sites throughout Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Indonesia to successfully embrace Business Improvement using a framework and structured process, we have teamed up with Dr Andrew Connery, one of Australia’s leading exponents on the practical application of Innovation, to create an exciting Empowering Innovation Framework. The framework has been developed to assist companies strategically guide and monitor their Innovation initiatives to ensure the necessary disciplines are followed to commercialise great new ideas.

We conducted a free 30 minute webinar on this important topic on Tuesday 11 July. If you are interested in seeing the recording click on this link to view the webinar on CTPM's YouTube channel.

Innovation can take many forms, and is often confused with Business Improvement. The best companies know the difference and have their people investing at least 5% of their normal work time each week doing both.

Thomas Edison, the famous US inventor and innovator, didn’t achieve his Light Bulb without a very structured and disciplined approach. Without a structured and disciplined Innovation Framework your company could miss out on a lot of ‘Light Bulbs’ and be at risk of losing market share from a competitor who has developed the Innovation discipline to be successful – like how Toyota and their approach to Business Improvement negatively impacted General Motors and Ford, or how Amazon with their approach to Innovation will challenge many traditional retailers in the not so distant future.

If you would like to learn more about CTPM - The Centre for Australasian TPM & Lean, and our Empowering Innovation Framework which embeds a structured system into organisations to turn new ideas into commercial realities, contact Dr Andrew Connery at