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Improvement Journey Risk #1: Commitment by Site Management

Site Management see TPM & Operational Excellence as an extra thing to do to appease corporate

New Support Option for TPM & Operational Excellence

To support sites in creating an understanding and tackling the 4 key parts of the TPM & Operational Excellence Improvement Journey, we have created a new Site Subscription offering.

Developing an Equipment Management Strategy based on TPM principles

Is your Plant & Equipment like a company vehicle? Let’s use this simple analogy to look at Equipment Management Strategy.

TPM Transformation

Do you have an effective Equipment Management Strategy to minimise the Life Cycle Cost of your Plant & Equipment?

30 Years since Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Lean and Six Sigma are essential ingredients to Operational Excellence, however maybe the time is right to revisit TPM.

What is Reactive Improvement and why aren’t more companies embracing it?

We have found the most effective Continuous Improvement Strategies include Reactive Improvement, Stable Production or Work Plan, and Pro-active Improvement.

Automating OEE Data Capture – when should we automate

When it comes to automating OEE data capture, it is how you set it up and apply it into your operation that has the biggest impact on the value you gain.

Using the OEE Loss Analysis Spreadsheet – a very powerful tool

Assisting sites to more fully understand not only where all the equipment losses are originating from, but most importantly the impact they will have when correctly addressed.

Improving OEE – using a structured team based approach

A structured Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE Loss & Improvement Analysis is the most effective way to identify all the improvement opportunities to achieve perfect equipment performance.

Calculating OEE – have you got it right

The two most common methods of calculating OEE is by either using Equations or the Time Loss model

Measuring OEE – important to get it right

The importance of measuring OEE based on your operational situation by either fixed or variable Available Time, Inputs, and Good Output

Understanding OEE – the misunderstood measure

Understanding OEE and the premise that equipment is only effective when available, running at ideal speed, and producing perfect output

Expose the Hidden Factory in your Plant with OEE

How OEE was created to understand all the losses that could affect equipment performance so as to reduce lead times and improve quality

Should we be using Proverbial Wisdom to guide our Lean Transformations?

Transforming your workplace with Lean thinking through teaching your people to identify losses and wastes at the earliest possible time

Toyota Legacy Under Threat...

How both Improvement initiatives to achieve Operational Excellence and Innovation is required to achieve longevity... just like Toyota

Lean is a journey not a weekend getaway...

How Lean is a continuous journey that builds a culture of Process Improvement leading enterprises to Operational Excellence

Identify the Problem – the key to Root Cause Analysis

How a Frontline Problem Solving Root Cause Analysis approach designed for all employees is a critical Operational Excellence foundation

A tool by any other name...

Lean is not just methods, tools, activities, or principles, it is all these areas interconnected, therefore an Operations Strategy

Innovation - making it happen

Introducing the Empowering Innovation Framework, developed to assist companies strategically guide and monitor their Innovation initiatives

Chasing Production Records isn’t very Smart

How effective Daily Management will help your employees focus on why the target performance was not achieved rather than setting records

Defining Lean for Services...

There are many stories of successful and unsuccessful Lean experiences in the Services Industry

Daily Management 101…

Are your Daily Review Meetings simply about complying with site policy? Why not enhance them by using effective Daily Management practices